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French Style Furniture


French country style is actually a very broad term, describing the decorating styles found across all rural and country regions in France, which can be quite diverse, especially when looking at colour schemes.


French provincial style originated in Provence in the south of France, giving it a Mediterranean influence by virtue of the region’s geography. While it shares many the same themes and ‘rules’ as French country décor in general, there are few key factors that make French provincial interiors stand out as a unique decorating style.

For example, French provincial interiors tend to use a consistent colour scheme. Favouring off-whites and creams as preferred neutrals, the French provincial palette is almost exclusively warm. This is quite different from French country interiors which, as you may have noticed, can vary greatly and become quite cool-toned as you move into the northern regions. Choose cheery colours such as grass greens, rusty reds, cobalt blues and golden yellows to breathe life into your French provincial home.


You might also want to keep an eye out for nature-inspired textiles. When hunting for traditional textiles to suit your soon-to-be French provincial abode, use Mediterranean landscapes as your inspiration. Opt for cotton and linen materials featuring prints with olive, sunflower, vine, grape, rooster and even tomato motifs.


The popular French provincial style recreates the simple elegance of the Provence countryside in the south of France. Warm, simple, attractive and functional, this look is not only aesthetically beautiful but also affordable and family-friendly. For this, it is now one of the most loved interior design styles in the world today.